Higher Level FX™ is a cutting edge company whose mission is to help people learn how to trade currencies on the global foreign exchange market (FOREX). We provide top of the line software, tried and true methods and techniques and a supportive environment in which we can thrive together. We want you to succeed and we will help you every step of the way!


1#: Higher Level Academy

Want to learn a NEW skill set?

This training was designed by top professional traders with decades of experience. Our mission is to teach people a new skill set and empower them to learn how to trade on the FOREX market in a safe way.

Here is what you’ll learn:

Whether you're a beginning trader or an advanced trader, we give you the tools to succeed and take your trading to a higher level. Once you are familiar with the basics and how things work, you can proceed to the next phase and as you continue it becomes more and more progressively advanced. From terminology to news events, from volatility to risk management, we show you how some of the top traders in the world trade every week.

2#: FREE BONUS: Alpha GI V2

What is Alpha GI V2?

Imagine being able to look over the shoulder of a professional trader as they make real time trades. We've developed a software that can be loaded on a demo account for you to monitor and see simulated trading in action. As you try to figure out why it made the moves that it did, your overall trading knowledge will grow.

ALPHA was built on proven strategies from professional traders. It’s goal is to find the right entry and exit points while at the same time calculating the lot size, order type, and reacting to changing market conditions. It does all of this in real time on a demo account using fake money, so you get to see real trading in action without any money being risked! It has customizable settings so that you can experiment then see what the results would have been.

3#: FREE BONUS: HLX Trade Alerts App (coming soon)

What is the HLX Trade Alerts App?

This is a completely independent full-on platform used to breakdown trades without needing your MT4!

Let us scan the market EVERY SECOND for you and send you the most accurate trade alerts!

You also get Live charts and Forex Calculators!

Integrated Economic Calendar to keep you informed!

4#: Higher Level: Affiliate Package (optional)

What's inside the Affiliate Package?

Dedicated Support Team!

Access to Marketing Materials!

Learn cutting-edge knowledge from Top-Earning Affiliates, including personal brand growth and Direct Sales Training with new videos and content released regularly for affiliates.

Membership in an exclusive Facebook support group and community to excel with assistance from peers and fellow affiliates!

Access to our Rewards Plan!

We know that once you see what we have to offer and experience it hands on, you are going to want to continue your growth with us!

If for any reason you decide that it isn't for you, cancel anytime! No questions asked!

*Upgrade Notice: If membership isn't cancelled within the 7-day trial it will automatically go to a normal membership and begin being charged $159 per month. Affiliate accounts are not eligible for trial.